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Canapé 120 cm design années 50

120 Sofa

Big armchair or small sofa, at Red Edition we call it the "Love Seat".

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120 Sofa



Sitting on your own 120 centimetres leaves you with lots of room to curl up; it’s also snug and perfect for two! Big seating cushions make it extremely comfortable. The Red Edition sofa 120 cm is available in single colour fabric or dual colour. It will find a perfect place in your home as a small sofa or armchair depending on the space you have at your disposal.

Different upholsteries and colors available :

Category A : Anthracite

Category B : Indian, Ochre*, Prune

Category C : Peacock Blue*, Chic Gray*, Fox*, Peacock Blue/Zag Celadon*

Category D : Bakou Celadon

* Make to order



Length 120 cm/ depth 90 cm/ height 78 cm. Seat height 40 cm (including the cushion). 

High density foam, 35kg/m3. Removable seating and back cushions. 

Weight : 41 kg



The 120 cm sofa is designed to adapt to all interiors. An additional sofa for large spaces, or main seating for a small room, it allies the sobriety of the contemporary with the traditional curved lines of vintage furniture.


120 Sofa Chiné Anthracite

Big armchair or small sofa, at Red Edition we call it the "Love Seat". Chiné Anthracite.
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120 Sofa

Chiné Anthracite

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