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Designed by David Hodkinson


David is a focused, passionate architect and designer who brings a fresh, young eye to each project.

David recieved his master's from the Royal College of Art in London (Architecture and Interiors), having achieved a First Class Honours degree in Architecture at Oxford Brookes University in England. His spirit of adventure brought him first to Vietnam in 2000, where in 2003 he founded noor design, an arhcitecture and interior design firm specialising in hospitality projects.

Working for architectural firms in the UK, Glenn Howells and Architecture PLB, David has a wide range of architectural and interior experience and is particularly focused on personal solutions to a client’s brief. At noor he leads the design of the studio and is very involved in close relations with such groups as Hilton, Accor and Fairmont Raffles amongst others.

David's work has had published coverage in such design/architecture bibles as Wallpaper, Elle Decoration, Architects Journal and Building Design.

David Hodkinson's designs

  • Armchair design Floating Armchair

    Floating Armchair

    The design of the Floating Armchair...

  • Table design Small coffee table

    Small coffee table

    This small lacquered coffee table...

  • Table design Large coffee table

    Large coffee table

    This large lacquered coffee table...

Designed by Stéphan Lanez


En 2009, et parce qu’il croit à l’engagement total, il donne son nom au studio de design et d’architecture d’intérieur qu’il installe et lance : « Stephan Lanez ».

L’aspect fonctionnel autant que l’histoire de l’objet nourrissent sa créativité résolument contemporaine. Ses objets allient forte valeur esthétique et souci méticuleux de perfection pratique.

Diplômé de l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts Décoratifs en section design mobilier, Stephan Lanez est titulaire du post diplôme de l’ENSAD.

Huit ans durant directeur artistique de la maison d’édition de tapis contemporain « Chevalier édition », il collabore aujourd’hui avec Perrouin, Verreum, Désio, La boite concept, Red Edition...

 Il vit, conçoit & dessine à Paris. 

Stéphan Lanez's designs

  • Accessories design

Designed by Marie Macon et Anne-Laure Lesquoy

Marie Macon et
Anne-Laure Lesquoy

Associated for over ten years, they have created in very different sectors: concrete objects, poetic or funny, always inspired by the careful observation of everyday motions and details.

Macon & Marie Anne-Laure Lesquoy: two designers associated with complementary skills
Anne-Laure: training in engineering complemented by training product design (university degree in physical sciences + Diploma Engineer / Mechanical Engineering at the University of Compiègne + degree from the Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle / Workshops -Paris)
Marie: training in visual communication and product design (BTS The National School of Applied Arts Olivier de Serres-Paris + degree from Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Création Industrielle / Workshops-Paris)
Following her studies, Marie Macon began her career working freelance for France Telecom R & D (creation and illustration of telecommunications services), and the projects have succeeded and expanded scope.
Anne-Laure Lesquoy Pippo joined the agency where she worked for 3 years on various signage projects before joining Marie.

Marie Macon et Anne-Laure Lesquoy's designs

  • Accessories design Nua Bubble

    Nua Bubble

    NUA bubbles are a reinvention of...

  • Accessories design Nua's Nest

    Nua's Nest

    Neo-coathangers, the Nests of Nua...

Designed by Sabrina Ficarra


Sabrina Ficarra is a stylist and designer. She draws her inspiration from her travels and fashion.

"I come from the world of fashion and my design approach suffers because I often restrict my thinking to matter, textiles and colors."

Sabrina came to design through the hotels she discovered during her travels in Asia, "The architectural creativity, volumes and materials of these hotels seduced me with their harmonious aesthetics, fully integrated into their environment, from which a feeling of peace emerges. "

"For the Fifties collection I applied to keep the original spirit of this collection by working every product as a complementary part of the existing collection. The details are answered, materials coexist. I like the unity and coherence that emerges from a collection.

Sabrina Ficarra's designs

  • Armchair design Chair


    A comfortable chair for work, gatherings,...

  • Table design Dining Table

    Dining Table

    The aerial design and the rounded...

Designed by Studio Lindholdt


Lindholdt Studio is owned by two brothers Martin Lindholdt Madsen & Flemming Lindholdt Madsen. We started our collaboration 15 years ago, with Flemming as the designer and Martin as sales representative. The collaboration is very tight and both of us are now involved both sales and design.

Lindholdt Studio has been working with custom made solutions in the past 15 years, but in 2014 we decided to focus on products. We have a weakness for lamps, so our first product is the lamp 'Petite Machine'. Our inspiration is mainly drawn from the 30s, 50s, 80s and present times. Our aim with 'Petite Machine' is to evoke a modern classic feeling, in time, shape and materiel.

The lamp is produced with modern technology and old craftsmanship. For Lindholdt Studio it is very important to create a lamp that has been touched by human hands - to personalise it.

All production of 'Petite Machine' is in Denmark, located nearby to our studio.

Designed by Madura & Red Edition

Madura &
Red Edition

Madura and RED Edition combine for the first time, to offer us an exclusive and very contemporary collection.

Together the two houses imagine a variation of cushions, and a line of fabric to dress the Fifties 210, sofa but also the Love Seat and Floating chairs, iconic foundations of neo RED Edition vintage furniture brand.

Cotton and linen canvases come in intense colors and timeless: black coal Fifties dress the sofa 210, terracotta and blue glacier Floating chairs. An elegant two-tone blue and ecru revisits the Love seat weaving. Three rectangular cushions adorn this collection and marry perfectly with the delicate fabric created by Madura and RED Edition.

True to the spirit of RED Edition, this capsule collection is a nod to Vietnam, their parts Country design.

True variation on the theme "living botany", the pieces from the Madura Online

RED invite us to a journey between Paris and Hanoi.

Madura & Red Edition's designs

  • Accessories design Cushion


    Madura and RED Edition combine...



Working in partnership at La Maison Sonos in Paris for over a year now, Red Edition and Sonos have continued to push the boundaries of their collaboration by working together on their first TV console.

A A joint project born out of a shared vision and dream of creating warm and contemporary interiors, where technology and aesthetics blend seamlessly.

Cyril Laborde, founder of Red Edition, said: "Music and sound are very important to us. They give a home a certain ambience, an atmosphere. I've been listening to music all over my house for years thanks to Sonos. With Red Edition's more than 10 years of home design expertise, coupled with Sonos' audio skills and experience, we're showing it's possible to create a functional, unobtrusive home cinema system that combines style and sophistication". 



  • Enfilade design Red Edition I Sonos TV Console

    Red Edition I Sonos TV Console

    Designed by RED EDITION I SONOS Red...

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