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Chaise design années 50


Designed by Sabrina Ficarra

A comfortable chair for work, gatherings, or just to throw your clothes onto !

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Cane Chair

Armchair design Cane Chair
A comfortable chair to work, meet or throw her wardrobe!




The Red Edition chair in solid oak and fabric keeps to sensual curves, allowing it to slip discreetly behind your table or desk. Hand-crafted, its back accommodates your body naturally. With its Scandinavian feel, it fits into the Fifties collection all the while adopting a very contemporary "je ne sais quoi". The work of the tapestry married with the solid oak makes for a thoroughly unique chair.

Different colors available :

Catégorie B : Orage, Indian, Prune


Width 45 cm/ depth 50 cm/ height 85 cm (or width : 13,2”/ Depth : 19,7”/ Height : 33,5”). 

Weight : 6 kg


Its innovative design coordinates materials to make this a timeless chair. The Red Edtion chair is available in all our fabrics, the choice is yours. Partnered with the Red Edition dining table or desk, this chair will become your chair. 

Chair is a product designed by Sabrina Ficarra


Sabrina Ficarra is a stylist and designer. She draws her inspiration from her travels and fashion.

"I come from the world of fashion and my design approach suffers because I often restrict my thinking to matter, textiles and colors."

Sabrina came to design through the hotels she discovered during her travels in Asia, "The architectural creativity, volumes and materials of these hotels seduced me with their harmonious aesthetics, fully integrated into their environment, from which a feeling of peace emerges. "

"For the Fifties collection I applied to keep the original spirit of this collection by working every product as a complementary part of the existing collection. The details are answered, materials coexist. I like the unity and coherence that emerges from a collection.

By the same designer

Chair Cotton Indian

Designed by Sabrina Ficarra

A comfortable chair for work, gatherings, or just to throw your clothes onto ! Cotton Indian.
Available, in stock. Delivery time depends on destination.

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Cotton Indian

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