Red Edition : Collections

50's collection

  • Sofa design Sofa 210

    Sofa 210

    The Red Edition three-seater sofa...

  • Buffet design Buffet Cupboard

    Buffet Cupboard

    The Red Edition Buffet is inspired...

  • Bureau design Desk


    Compact, elegant desk which will...

  • Armchair design Chair


    A comfortable chair for work, gatherings,...

  • Armchair design Armchair


    A beautiful, deep armchair that...

  • Commode design Chest of Drawers

    Chest of Drawers

    Pretty little chest of draws in...

  • Enfilade design Sideboard


    An elegant lacquer and solid oak...

  • Armchair design Floating Armchair

    Floating Armchair

    The design of the Floating Armchair...

  • Table design Small coffee table

    Small coffee table

    This large lacquered coffee table...

  • Table design Large coffee table

    Large coffee table

    This large lacquered coffee table...

  • Accessories design Cube


    These library cubes have been designed...

  • Table design Dining Table

    Dining Table

    The unusual combination of solid...

  • Sofa design 120 Sofa

    120 Sofa

    Big armchair or small sofa, at...

  • Accessories design Petite Machine Lamp

    Petite Machine Lamp

    Elegant table lamp designed by...

  • Armchair design Stool


    The Stool is an easy stool in a...

  • Accessories design Cushion


    Madura and RED Edition combine...

Nua collection

  • Accessories design Nua Bubble

    Nua Bubble

    NUA bubbles are a reinvention of...

  • Accessories design Nua's Nest

    Nua's Nest

    Neo-coathangers, the Nests of Nua...

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